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Pets, Beasties, Critters, and Creatures We Provide Care For:
We Provide Care for Kittens, Cats, Puppies, Dogs, Birds, Fish, Small Caged Pets (like Rabbits, Hamsters, etc.), Small Reptiles and Amphibians; If We Left Out One Or More of Your Beastie(s), Please Call and Check With Us.

Scheduled Dog Walks: We Provide Scheduled Dog Walks, and “Emergency” Walks Should the Need Arise. Midday Dog Walks are Often Very Beneficial Beyond Out-of Doors Poop/Pee Breaks. Midday Walks Provide Exercise, Stimulation, Interaction, and Play, All Reducing Boredom, and Contributing to Overall Health and Disposition.

Puppies and Kittens: New Puppy or Kitten At Home? Yea! Yippie! Few Things In Life Are As Exciting, Wonderful, Joyous, Rewarding and Fun As A New Puppy or New Kitty Cat! Few Things In Life Also Require As Much Constant Attention, Effort, Work and Time!

No Worries! Providing Puppies and Kittens With Stimulation, Interaction, Exercise and Play Is Recommended for Proper Socialization, Good Behavior, and Overall Health and Well-being. Save Yourself from Midday Runs Home to Check On Your Adorable New Little Beastie. But Don’t Worry, Even With Us Reducing Your Midday Workload, Your New Puppy or Kitten Will Still Make Absolutely Certain That You Will Still Have Tons to Do When You Arrive Home!

Beastie Behavior: Sunshine Pet Pal Visits For Pooches Include Working with Your Beastie to Learn and/or Reinforce Basic Training Commands With Regular Positive, Effective, Consistent Techniques That Dogs Love.

Too Hot Out/Medical Recovery: Sunshine Pet Pals Provides You Relief from Midday Walk Heat and Humidity, and During Recovery from Medical Procedures and Conditions.

Medications: Should Your Pet Require Temporary, or Long-term Routine Medications (Including Supplements), Rest Easy, As We Can Administer Them During Sunshine Pet Pals Visits (to Pets that Will Safely Tolerate This With One Person).

Homeland Security: A Major Benefit of At Home Pet Care is that In Your Absence, Your Home Will Be Looked After, As Well as Your Pet(s), As If They Were Our Own. - This Service is also Available for those Without Pets. - While You are Away, In Addition to the Care We Provide for Your Beastie(s), Your Home Will Have More of the Normal Occupied Appearance Security Experts Recommend to Help Deter Crime:
- Your Mail (A Growing Target for ID Theft and Other Fraudsters), Newspapers, and Packages Will Be Brought Inside Daily Without The Exposure of Being On Postal and Newspaper “Unoccupied” Lists.
- Your Trash Cans and Recycling Bins Will Be Put Out, and Taken In.
- Your Indoor Plants Will Be Watered.
- Your Lights and Window Treatments Will Be Adjusted.
- Basic Checks for Overall Security, Power, Phone, HVAC, Refrigerator/Freezer, and Flooding Will Be Made.
Now You Can Attend To Your Travel Knowing That Your Home Is More Secure!

Overnight Beastie Sitting: When You Are Out-of-Town (Work, Vacations) Both Your Pets and Your Home Will Be In Fine Hands With Sunshine Pet Pals' Overnight Beastie Sitting Service.

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