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Home Care Services

Homeland Security: We Provide House and Home Care Services for Clients With And Without Pets.

When Ever You Are Away from Home (Apartment, Condo, Town Home, Single Family, or Estate), Whether For Work, Vacation, or Get-Away, or Off-Season, We Can Provide the Peace of Mind That Comes With Knowing That Your Home Is Being Looked After In Your Absence, With Regularly Scheduled Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Visits.

With Regular Visits, We Can Help Reduce the Chances of Small Problems Becoming Much Larger and Much More Costly. Our Home Checks Can Include Monitoring Your:

- HVAC (Heating, Ventilating Air Conditioning) System(s) To Maintain Temperature and Humidity and Air Flow to Prevent Damage to Furniture and Possessions, As Well As Mold and Mildew Growth.

- Water Systems For Leaks That Can Quickly Damage and Destroy Furnishings, Valuable Possessions, Walls, and Other Structures, As Well As Cause Mold and Mildew Growth.

- Appliances, Plants, Landscaping, Timers (Especially Now With Strict Water Restrictions), Pool, and Security System, General State of Security, and More.

For Your Convenience, and Security, We Can Bring Your Mail ((A Growing Target for ID Theft and Other Fraudsters), And Newspapers, And Packages Inside Without The Exposure of Being On Postal and Newspaper "Unoccupied" Lists.

Your Mail and/or Newspapers Can Be Forwarded to You, If Desired.

We Can Alternate Window Treatments and Lights, and Provide More Of A Normal "Lived In" Appearance That Security Experts Recommend to Help Deter Crime.

We Can Be At Your Home to Grant Access to Authorized Repairmen, or Deliveries and More.

We Can Help You "Get It Done" While Your Time Is Better Spent Elsewhere.

Now You Can Attend To Your Travel Knowing That Your Home Is More Secure!


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