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We Live In Gulf Steam, Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro Beach or Pompano Beach, and Want a Sunshine Pet Pal. Can We Get One?

Based In Boca Raton, Florida, We Currently Offer Pet Care, Including Daily and Vacation Dog Walking, Dog Sitting, Puppy Care, Cat Sitting, Basic Positive Training, Care for Fish, Birds and Other Indoor Pets, as Well as House Sitting, In Many Areas of Gulf Stream, Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro Beach, and Pompano Beach. Most Probably, Yes, You Can! Our Service Area is Flexible, So Please Call If Not Too Far Beyond.

Do You Charge For The Initial Meet and Greet?

No. There Is No Charge For Our Initial Meet and Greet, Which Is Conducted With All First Time Humans and Their Beasties, So That We Can Discuss Your Needs. Please Have Two Copies of Keys (That You Have Confirmed Both Work Well) Ready At This Time, So As To Avoid A Subsequent Key Pick-Up Visit Charge. (Please Note That Due To The Possibility of Mechanical or Electrical Failures, We Cannot Rely Solely On Garage Doors For Entry.)

We Want to See Our Sunshine Pet Pal's Pictures On Your Website! Were Are They?

While Most Of Us Are Not Camera Shy, and Photos and Info May Be Presented, Our Mutual Security Would Not Be Enhanced By Regularly Publishing Specifically Identifying Information. Identification Information Could Be Misused, Including Announcing Your Absence. For Everyone's (Our Human and Beastie Customers, As Well As Our Own) Safety And Security, We Work At Keeping A Low Profile, When Possible: No Uniforms, No Beastiemobile Signage. * Due To Overwhelming Requests, Please Click For Photos Of A Few Of The Many Wonderful Sunshine Pet Pals Beasties!

What About Severe/Extreme Weather?
Heat, Humidity, Lightning, Hard Rain: While Pet Pals Don't Melt, Outdoor Time May Be Minimized Should Visits Coincide with Very Hot, Humid, Close Lightning, and/or Rainy Weather, for the Safety of Everyone. Visit Time Will Be Well Spent Playing Indoors, Instead.
Here in Paradise, Severe/Extreme Weather May Cause Us to Alter or Suspend Service. In Extreme Weather, Pets Can Not Be Left Alone, and We Care for Many Pets. We Cannot House, Nor Evacuate Them. Prior Arrangements Must Be Made for an Alternative Care Giver (Reliable, Trusted, Able Local Friend, Neighbor, Relative) to Assist During, and Following Such Events. To the Extent Reasonably Possible, You Will Be Notified if Such an Event is Forecast, and/or Occurs, and Depending On the Situation You May Be Responsible for Coordinating Care In Such Situations. Since Power, Phones, Roads, and Fuel May Be, or Become Limited, or Unavailable, Making and Following These Prior Arrangments Is Imperative.

What About Home Checks (Plant Watering, "Inspections", etc.)?

Watering Plants: This Service Is Included At No Extra Charge With Our Normal Visits, Unless It's Performance Cause Extended Visit Time.

Home Integrity, Systems Operations: Our Service is a Quick Observational "Walk-through" Conducted by Your Sunshine Pet Pal. We Will Look for Obvious Problems, and Follow Our Procedures Should Any Be Found.

This Service is Included At No Extra Charge With Our Visits, Unless Its Performance Causes Extended Visit Time.

Please Note That While We Follow Guidelines In What To Look (and Listen) For, We Are NOT Trained Home, or Systems Inspectors, or Systems Technicians, and Though This Check Can Help Detect Problems Sooner Than They Might Otherwise Be Discovered In Your Absence, We Cannot Guarantee Home Integrity, Systems Condition, or Detection of All Problems.

We Are New to the Area. Were Can We Find Listings of Local Pet Resources?

You Can Start By Checking Sunshine Pet Pal's Local Resources Web Page, Which Lists Local Vets, Animal Vet Specialists, Emergency Animal Hospitals, Humane Societies and Other Pet Related Resources.


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